LUCIE KAAS Bunny Figure – Brown


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LUCIE KAAS Bunny Figure Brown made of Smoked Oak H 9 cm

Bunny is a wooden animal with droopy ears and a characteristic little nose. It is a beautiful and classic design that is sure to bring back memories of your childhood bedtime friend. Bunny is made with high-quality materials and is crafted with careful attention to detail. It is a sturdy and durable toy that will last for many years. Like all wooden toys, Bunny is a living material and its color will change over time. This is a natural feature of wood. To minimize uneven discoloration, it is recommended to keep Bunny out of direct sunlight and to change its location in your home from time to time. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Brand: Lucie Kaas
Collection: Wooden Animals
Material: Smoked Oak
Color: Brown

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