ASSOULINE Makkah: The Holy City of Islam Book

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ASSOULINE Makkah: The Holy City of Islam Book in 190 pages W 40 x L 47 x D 8 cm

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Embark on a journey through the heart of Islamic culture with Makkah, a must-read book for anyone seeking to explore this holy city. Considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a visit to Makkah immerses visitors in the traditions and religious significance that are so carefully woven into every aspect and architectural detail of the city. Every day, Muslims all around the world face towards the Ka’bah when they pray. This is just one of the many monuments explored in Makkah, providing readers with an exclusive look at the wonders found within the city. Experience the magic of Makkah with this must-read book.

Book: Makkah: The Holy City of Islam
Author: Meraj N. Mirza, Photography by Laziz Hamani
Book Language: English
Pages: 190

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