ASSOULINE Gauchos: Icons of Argentina Book

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ASSOULINE Gauchos: Icons of Argentina Book in 190 pages W 32.99 x L 42.6 x D 2.9 cm

The gaucho is an iconic symbol of the romantic ideal of the love of freedom and of the unspoiled landscape. With his camera, renowned Argentine artist Aldo Sessa spent months on end traveling around Argentina to its farthest reaches, sparing no effort or sacrifice, to follow and record the traces of these expert nomadic horsemen who preserve the Argentine tradition. Silently, without distracting them, Sessa captured the gauchos at all instances of their rustic daily life, around 50,000 images.This spectacular volume captivates readers with sweeping vistas, fascinating details of traditional gaucho clothing and equipment, and compelling portraits of men young and old and their staunch equine workmates.

Book: Gauchos: Icons of Argentina
Book Language: English
Pages: 190

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