ASSOULINE Canada Goose Book

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ASSOULINE Canada Goose Book in 200 pages ‎ 28.7 x 5.59 x 39.88 cm

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This book celebrates sixty years of a Made in Canada success story created at both Poles, on top of Everest, in icy urban canyons and on the catwalks of Tokyo, Paris and New York. Canada Goose is a brand that defies genres. It is an icon of adventure tested in the most extreme elements on Earth, which is as much a state of mind as it is a place. It is as much a feeling as it is shifting ice, hard rock, cold wind, and sea. It’s a world of intense purity. Where polar bears can pick up scent kilometers away. There is magic in this cold.

Book: Canada Goose
Book Language: English
Pages: 186

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