Archers Metal Chess set with Gold & Silver Chessmen & 44cm Chessboard in Green


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The legend

In and out of the battlefield, archery has been a skill of great demand and appreciation. Apart from hunting, archers were the legendary defenders of the fortress walls of the city and the ones who offered covering fire during the battle.

The twin gods Apollo and Artemis were masters in archery and protectors of the archers. Philoctetes was one of the most famous archers, who carried the mythical bow of Hercules.

The Chessmen

Fierce local and international wars characterized that period. Their ferocity is symbolized by the aggressiveness of the Archer (pawn) and the Knight. The posture of the King and Queen indicates their unquestionable leadership. The Bishop reveals his consideration for the imminent battle.

Finally, the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar, the basic symbol of the architectural style during that period.

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ARCHERS CHESS SET with gold/silver chessmen and bronze chessboard 44 x 44cm (Large)

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