Shaddad Book (Traditional Camel Race and Badia Culture)


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Shaddad Book ( Traditional Camel Race and Badia Culture ) .

This book, a culmination of three years of exploration by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sarhan, delves into the heart of the Tabuk desert. The book sheds light on a previously unknown historical fact: the Midian people’s pivotal role in the very first conflict over camels. This fascinating discovery bridges the gap between past and present, showcasing how ancient practices still resonate in the lives of Tabuk’s people today. Through stunning visuals – carefully curated from tens of thousands of photographs – and insightful commentary, the book paints a vivid picture of the desert’s influence on its inhabitants. Al-Sarhan meticulously documented every valley, reef, mountain, and sun-drenched corner of the region, capturing the essence of this extraordinary place.

Book: Shaddad
Author: Ibrahim Sarhan
Book Language: English

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