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Alreem Ring Onyx Silver Ring Free Size Black Oud/Stone/Silver/GoldPlated


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Al Reem, the rare gazelle with meek eyes. The Arabian Peninsula was known as a beloved home for him due to its desert nature. Beautiful in shape and captivating in appearance, his beauty is shared by all who see him, which is why, in Crimson, we name this collection after him. Poems were often written about his eyes, including what Prince Manjik wrote during the Ottoman era: “Oh, Reem, what are these fatal eyes, I stayed to annihilate us, and these are the left.” A stone distinguished from other precious stones by its very black, lustrous color that suggests mystery and confidence. Stories from a distant past hide within it, as legends were woven around it, and rumors spread about it. It was said that it carries therapeutic properties that help focus and give strength, absorb feelings of fear and anxiety, and also protect against evil and the evil eye. He was mentioned – by his name Al-Jazaa – in a number of Arab poems. Imru’ Al-Qais wrote:


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